Red Herring Maternity Jeans - size 10 - dark blue - £22

I thought I would be clever and buy a pair of maternity jeans as everyone keeps harping on about how you need key pieces of maternity wear. Now, I do believe that a pair of comfy jeans is a must for when your jeans just look like you have poured yourself into them and you have overhang where there wasn’t any before but I must have done something wrong in my former life as, can I find a pair that fit me properly??
Everyone knows when you go into different department stores you have to take into consideration that you may not be the same size that you was 2 seconds ago in another store but when you are pregnant they go beyond a joke! Quick pregnant lady approaching get the extra small sizes out and swap the tags!!! I must have tried on about 4 pairs until I came across these bad boys. I was tired and to be honest slightly pissed off by the end of it all. It wasn’t just the sizes that bugged me it was also the selection and the sizes of the maternity sections (this is a whole new blog, I will be posting shortly)!
I have had my rant so here goes, the jeans are ok. They fit me on the legs which was one thing that I was happy about. I chose to get a size 10 which were a little too baggy around the crouch and a little tight on my belly. I found that if I sat for too long they cut in. I know tight jeans may have been out there for someone that is pregnant but I wish that I could find a happy medium. I don’t want to wear baggy jeans my whole pregnancy – in a sad way I don’t want to lose my fashion identity while being pregnant.
I will find the perfect pair of maternity jeans that stretch when you stretch and hug your belly in all the right places. A pair of jeans that liberate your bump and maybe have an adjustable waistline and that don’t cost the earth. For a night out with the ladies, these jeans will make you look fab but for comfortable wearing these aren’t the best.  There has to be a stylish pair of jeans out there with my name on them!


Maternity Belt - Medium - Flesh coloured

Ok, granted it’s not a pretty site but after I FINALLY received my maternity belt I was delighted! I had been waiting for over a month and after going back and forth from the Ebay seller it miraculously turned up.
I ripped the package open, giggled at the site of it and strapped myself in. After my other half nearly wet himself at the site of me I did take a look in the mirror! Yes..... again it’s not pretty but it did extenuate my ikle bump in a good way! (Brief warning) - You must wear it over clothing as it isn’t the most comfortable belt directly on your skin but I instantly felt support under my ever growing (still cute) bump! I was amazed how it made me stand up properly and the support was concentrated right underneath the bump area where it is beginning to feel VERY stretched and in need of a little help. It didn’t dig in, it wasn’t bulky or uncomfortable and my back pain began to disappear almost immediately. It’s not a miracle cure for pregnancy back ache but it obviously gives you more support where you need it most.
This little (slightly ugly) beauty only cost me £15 – there are others on the market and they come in around £30-£40. Even though it looks like an over sized plaster, and it is quite hard to hide under clothing so maybe just wear it when you are pottering around the house but I was really happy with the results. I know as soon as my back ache starts creeping back I will put on my oversized plaster belt and skip around the house merrily!
I bought mine from Esupply on ebay, I did have problems with the posting but apparently it was because I didn’t put my name on the package (funny it turned up in the end) But this aside I do recommend this belt to anyone that is finding the bump a little heavy and that is suffering from back ache.
8/10 - For price and results
0/10 – For looks – although it will make you giggle slightly.