Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Traffic through blogs


Is it me or am I the thickest person in the world? I have been looking for sites that help you generate traffic through your blog and I still don’t understand how to do it!!! I know how to use facebook and twitter but surely this will only work if you have a million friends? I am sooooo confused and ready to jack in this avenue and literally ask someone straight up – how do I MAKE people read my blog!
My blog is for me to write about my life but it dawned on me that I could in fact build this up into maybe writing reviews and getting paid for it, networking with other writers, opening windows when doors are being shut in face, you get the picture! I love writing and I want to share it with the world.
I am off to do yet MORE researching and maybe I will just write an email to a pro blogger, grovelling and asking how they are so great at blogging. Surely it can’t be this hard to get traffic. Surely I don’t have to be a PHD in social media? Give me a pen and paper any day – shove me in front of a million people and give me a subject to talk about, put me in front of a computer and tell me to research how to get traffic through my blog and I draw a blank!
Watch this space people, I will write a blog on my findings and post up some links to help other bloggers that are as in the dark as me!
Much love
Abby and bump x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bad Blogger

I was reading the key skills of being a blogger and one of the skills is to post as much as you can and don’t leave it too long. We’ll, I haven’t done very well on that one have I! I have an excuse though! I was waiting for a few items to come through in the post so I could review them but alas they haven’t arrived! One of them was maternity belt from Ebay and unfortunately as I forgot to put my name on the listing they haven’t been able to post it to me?? I don’t actually get this as I have put the number and the address!!! Oh well I shall be sorting that out and hopefully be getting it ASAP as my back is starting to hurt.I also have netmums book, a birthing ball and some next maternity outfits to review.
 I am now 5 months and 5 days and we found out on the last scan that it is a little boy! I am soooooooo excited as the scan picture was beautiful he is perfect. They have said that his belly is a little big and I will need to do a glucose test to test me for Pregnancy Diabetes. I am a little nervous as I have kidney disease stage 3 and this could prove a problem later on BUT I am trying to be positive!!! ROLL ON FRIDAY!
I will be posting more info on the my glucose test and also some advice for anyone that needs to read up on it. I know how stressful this can be and I want to help who I can.
Everyone keep happy
Abby and Bump x

Monday, 2 January 2012

I was struck with an epiphany! And yes it hurt!

As you may know I am a keen writer, I write anything and everything and I like to think that I am "ok" at it. I have had an epiphany this morning that slightly hurt my head but it was well worth it as I have some business coming my way already.
Does anyone out there wish they could have their very own personalised children’s story written for them?
Ever sat with your children and they ask for you to make up a story and you are a little lost for words?
Have a child’s birthday coming up and you want a personalised story that is actually about your child? Their dreams and aspirations written down on paper?
I would also be willing to write about bereavement, bullying, anxiety, eating disorders (to be honest the list is endless) Basically if you are finding it hard to tell your child something I can incorporate this into a story which would make the fall a little less hurtful.
Look no further – Email me or leave notes in the comments box with your objective/story idea and i’ll write you a beautiful bedtime/ anytime story that will make your little darlings feel special every time you read to them. Please be specific in the style of story you would like – any ideas that you have can be turned into a story, also if it to be about your child add their name in there too obviously. And most importantly add what your child dislikes – is scared of, I can write about fluffy bunnies if this is what you wish BUT if you let me have free rain then they may be a little quirkier than you are used to. (I can send books I have already written if you like first)   
I have posted this on Netmums this morning and I am getting quite a lot of ideas though already. This is VERY new and I will do the first few entries free as a trial run. The stories will firstly be just words in a word document but if you want to take it further then we can decide together pictures, layout etc.
Lots of love
Abby and Bump x

Just wanted to wish you a.......

Happy New Year..................

What a year it has been, I have been a productive bunny to say the least. To be honest this was just a small blog to say that I am soooooooo excited about 2012. It is going to be one to remember! My blog will hopefully be growing, as will I with our little bouncing baby getting bigger by the day. Its started to kick, this is one of the strangest but most forfilling experiences of pregnancy. You can rest a little knowing your little one is well.

Hope you all had a great New Year and I wish you ll the best in everything you do.......

Abby and Bump x

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Becoming a blogging pro - Or not!

Well I have spent the last 2 hours looking at other blogs, seeing how they flow and attempting to make mine look a little more professional. I really don’t know what I am doing to be honest as when I do write I love the old fashion pen and paper method.

I have managed to add tabs where you can read about me, read about my writing which I shall add some links asap to my books, arts and crafts where, when I finally get around to making something I can post it and lastly reviews on new items I have purchased. This should keep me busy for now and hopefully the next time I will read up on how to get some traffic coming my way – lol. Like I said I am useless at this.

Hopefully I will become a blogging queen in months to come and will have lots of followers, who knows.

Facebook fan page, twitter and commenting on other posts are on my to do list and also finding a way to post a picture instead of a cloud is top of my list.

Happy blogging world

Mwah x

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What a Christmas!!!!

Well that was eventful! All that fuss and last minute shopping and its all over in a day but its all worth while I suppose. I am getting over excited about Christmas's to come as I will have a little baby to spoil. I find out what the little bundle of joy is next week and I may be a little over excited!!!

Anxious and excited in equal measures. Unfortunately this pregnancy is regarded as a "high risk" pregnancy as I am on stage 3 of kidney disease and both me and my little one only have one kidney to live on! There are many risks involved BUT I am a positive person and I know that we are going to be fine! I have lots of scans to look forward to see my little one grow and they can keep an eye on us both closely. I will obviously be posting updates on babies progress.

With Christmas over and New Year looming I have more nights that I would usually drink a few bevies but now I can't and to be honest I don't miss the hangovers! I do miss the atmosphere as I have not been going out at all, I don't want to get bumped when out on the town, not that I see anything wrong with going out I just know I would turn into a mega beast and get rather peeved with drunk people bashing into my belly. Anyone else out there think that it's slightly annoying when people touch your baby bump??? I used to get the urge when I saw someone preggers, to touch their belly but I always resisted the temptation as I thought it would be rude. Now it's me preggers it seems everyone has had a grope,lol.

Next blog will be a review on a maternity belt as I am suffering SO BAD with back ache, so watch this space and enjoy your new year!

Loads of love and hugs

Abby and bump xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stop the press.....Check me out I'm blogging!

After much deliberation I have decided that with all these ideas that keep floating around my head, it would be a fantastic idea to start a blog! Whether it pans out the way I want it to is another matter but I guess as long as I get something out of blogging then who cares, right?

The problem I have, and I bet I'm not alone with this, is that I am over creative! I have to be creative on a daily basis or I kind of just shut down. This blog will enable me to share everything that I do with you all and also share some wisdom along the way! (I hope)

This blog is an introduction into the little world of "Me"!

In a nutshell,

Hobbies - I write fantasy books and freelance where I can, I customise clothing and create crafty bits and bobs
Work - I work within a call centre at the moment (enough said)
Fears - My stress, anxiety and Panic attacks getting the better of me
Wants - My ikle bump that is presently growing inside my belly to grow big and strong so I can meet (her/him) and tell them how beautiful and loved they are!

People would say I am slightly crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way and hopefully who ever reads this will enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it.

Happy blogging my new found friends, remember share your thoughts, feelings and ideas and the world becomes your oyster!

Much love MWAH X