Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What a Christmas!!!!

Well that was eventful! All that fuss and last minute shopping and its all over in a day but its all worth while I suppose. I am getting over excited about Christmas's to come as I will have a little baby to spoil. I find out what the little bundle of joy is next week and I may be a little over excited!!!

Anxious and excited in equal measures. Unfortunately this pregnancy is regarded as a "high risk" pregnancy as I am on stage 3 of kidney disease and both me and my little one only have one kidney to live on! There are many risks involved BUT I am a positive person and I know that we are going to be fine! I have lots of scans to look forward to see my little one grow and they can keep an eye on us both closely. I will obviously be posting updates on babies progress.

With Christmas over and New Year looming I have more nights that I would usually drink a few bevies but now I can't and to be honest I don't miss the hangovers! I do miss the atmosphere as I have not been going out at all, I don't want to get bumped when out on the town, not that I see anything wrong with going out I just know I would turn into a mega beast and get rather peeved with drunk people bashing into my belly. Anyone else out there think that it's slightly annoying when people touch your baby bump??? I used to get the urge when I saw someone preggers, to touch their belly but I always resisted the temptation as I thought it would be rude. Now it's me preggers it seems everyone has had a grope,lol.

Next blog will be a review on a maternity belt as I am suffering SO BAD with back ache, so watch this space and enjoy your new year!

Loads of love and hugs

Abby and bump xx

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