Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Traffic through blogs


Is it me or am I the thickest person in the world? I have been looking for sites that help you generate traffic through your blog and I still don’t understand how to do it!!! I know how to use facebook and twitter but surely this will only work if you have a million friends? I am sooooo confused and ready to jack in this avenue and literally ask someone straight up – how do I MAKE people read my blog!
My blog is for me to write about my life but it dawned on me that I could in fact build this up into maybe writing reviews and getting paid for it, networking with other writers, opening windows when doors are being shut in face, you get the picture! I love writing and I want to share it with the world.
I am off to do yet MORE researching and maybe I will just write an email to a pro blogger, grovelling and asking how they are so great at blogging. Surely it can’t be this hard to get traffic. Surely I don’t have to be a PHD in social media? Give me a pen and paper any day – shove me in front of a million people and give me a subject to talk about, put me in front of a computer and tell me to research how to get traffic through my blog and I draw a blank!
Watch this space people, I will write a blog on my findings and post up some links to help other bloggers that are as in the dark as me!
Much love
Abby and bump x

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