Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bad Blogger

I was reading the key skills of being a blogger and one of the skills is to post as much as you can and don’t leave it too long. We’ll, I haven’t done very well on that one have I! I have an excuse though! I was waiting for a few items to come through in the post so I could review them but alas they haven’t arrived! One of them was maternity belt from Ebay and unfortunately as I forgot to put my name on the listing they haven’t been able to post it to me?? I don’t actually get this as I have put the number and the address!!! Oh well I shall be sorting that out and hopefully be getting it ASAP as my back is starting to hurt.I also have netmums book, a birthing ball and some next maternity outfits to review.
 I am now 5 months and 5 days and we found out on the last scan that it is a little boy! I am soooooooo excited as the scan picture was beautiful he is perfect. They have said that his belly is a little big and I will need to do a glucose test to test me for Pregnancy Diabetes. I am a little nervous as I have kidney disease stage 3 and this could prove a problem later on BUT I am trying to be positive!!! ROLL ON FRIDAY!
I will be posting more info on the my glucose test and also some advice for anyone that needs to read up on it. I know how stressful this can be and I want to help who I can.
Everyone keep happy
Abby and Bump x

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