Monday, 2 January 2012

I was struck with an epiphany! And yes it hurt!

As you may know I am a keen writer, I write anything and everything and I like to think that I am "ok" at it. I have had an epiphany this morning that slightly hurt my head but it was well worth it as I have some business coming my way already.
Does anyone out there wish they could have their very own personalised children’s story written for them?
Ever sat with your children and they ask for you to make up a story and you are a little lost for words?
Have a child’s birthday coming up and you want a personalised story that is actually about your child? Their dreams and aspirations written down on paper?
I would also be willing to write about bereavement, bullying, anxiety, eating disorders (to be honest the list is endless) Basically if you are finding it hard to tell your child something I can incorporate this into a story which would make the fall a little less hurtful.
Look no further – Email me or leave notes in the comments box with your objective/story idea and i’ll write you a beautiful bedtime/ anytime story that will make your little darlings feel special every time you read to them. Please be specific in the style of story you would like – any ideas that you have can be turned into a story, also if it to be about your child add their name in there too obviously. And most importantly add what your child dislikes – is scared of, I can write about fluffy bunnies if this is what you wish BUT if you let me have free rain then they may be a little quirkier than you are used to. (I can send books I have already written if you like first)   
I have posted this on Netmums this morning and I am getting quite a lot of ideas though already. This is VERY new and I will do the first few entries free as a trial run. The stories will firstly be just words in a word document but if you want to take it further then we can decide together pictures, layout etc.
Lots of love
Abby and Bump x

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